Monday, December 12, 2011

baby carrots and the beginning of the end of the Fall radishes

The weather here is finally starting to get Wintery and I love it. We had alittle bit of wet snow but it only lasted about an hour.

The garden is still kicking. The kale is big and the lettuce is colorful. The beets are a couple weeks away and I'm down to my last few rows of radishes. Here's this morning's gatherins'...
These radishes are probably gonna go into tonight's stir-fry.

The frost is slowly starting to get at the leaves but theyre not dead yet.

The carrots are big enough, that theyre thinnings are nice garden treats....

Theyre bite size and SOOOOO sweet. I have high hopes for the atomic red, but since some pesky animal decided to dig the day after I put out the cosmic purple I can only hope for a handful of them.

We dehydrated some of the tender young kale which was heavenly!

Theyre perfect chip size and delicious dipped in salsa, or crumbled over soup or pasta.

I just washed them, tore off the tougher stems, soaked them in olive oil, lemon juice, cumin, garlic powder and salt for about 30 minutes. Then threw them on the dehydrator racks and let them do theyre thing for a couple of hours. rotating the racks periodically. So Tasty.

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  1. How nice to still have fresh produce. I wish now I hadn't ripped up my cold frames last month.
    We're STILL without snow (we should have several feet by now!) so at least I would have had SOMETHING to keep me busy.
    I can almost "taste" them............