Thursday, May 3, 2012

Everything is finally in the garden

Well, the garden is FINALLY in the ground. It's 45'x30', which is quite abit larger than last year. Also hopefully alot more organized than last year.

To give you an idea here's what's going on in the garden....

64 sqft. strawberry popcorn bed
132 sqft. tomato bed
               - Roman Candle
               - Pink Cherry
               - Striped Roman
               - Ananas Noire "black pinneapple"
               - Pink Brandywine
               - Amish Paste
72 sqft. Giant Cape Gooseberry bed
6' of Easter egg Radishes
20' of cucumbers
                - Mexican Sour Gherkin (Melothria Scabra)
                - Delikatesse
                - Mici Hybrid
25' of pole beans
                - Purple podded
                - Kentucky Blue
40 sqft. eggplant bed
                - Ping Tung
                - Rosa Bianca
76 sqft. summer squash beds
                - Early Prolific Straightneck yellow squash
                - Black Beauty Zuchini
                - Zephyr (F1)
64 sqft. sweet pepper bed
                - Red Marconi
                - Yellow Marconi
                - Red Belgian
15 sqft. herb bed
                - Lemon Basil
                - Cilantro
                - Dill-Bouquet
                - Stevia
18 sqft. Carrot bed
                - Amarillo
                - Chantenay Red Core
50 sqft. Russet Potato Bed
50 sqft. Onion bed
                - white
                - red
                - extra large sweet
8' of Kiwano (Cucumis Metuliferus)
15' of Winter Squash
                - Spaghetti Squash
                - Jack-o-lantern Pumpkin
24 sqft. flower bed
                - zinnia Lilliput
                - Gaillardia Indian Blanket
                - Strawflower Tall Double Mix
                - Brocade Mix Marigold
20' of Mammoth Grey Sunflower

Having tomato plants to check on every morning really makes it feel like summer. It's been HOT and dry here upper 80's but today is supposed to be cloudy and then hopefully a few days of rain.
There was a moment when all the seedlings were really looking zapped but they seem to be getting their garden feet.

Only thing to do is get some straw and patiently wait for all the seeds to germinate!

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