Sunday, May 6, 2012

what's popping up....

Sunflowers are popping up!

As is the Strawberry popcorn. It's a minature variety and should only get about 4-5' tall.

The radish seedlings look like butterflies.

Yay for bean sprouts!

Tiny little Mexican Sour Gherkins!

Delikatesse Cucumbers

Little summer squash seedling. I cant remember if it is a black beauty zuke or an early prolific straight neck.

Little Kiwano seedlings.

Mici Hybrids are flowering!!

Little volunteer Jack-o-lantern pumpkin!

Little peppers are forming!

How does your garden look?


  1. My garden looks a lot smaller than yours, lol, but the plants are bigger, just not as many and as much variety as you have.

  2. Heh, your garden looks great..a good size. Did the Amish paste make it to planting out? Am growing it for the first time this year although it has gotten a little leggy. Uppotted today but they won't get in the garden for about another two weeks or so.

    Must try those sour Gerkins..know nothing about them but we love them from a jar. Do you preserve them I wonder.

    1. Yeah, the amish paste actually are the best looking ones in the garden right now, I too am growing them for the first time and so far so good.

      This is also my first year with the gherkins I got them from baker creek and they are described as looking like little watermelons (also called mouse melons for that reason) and are supposed to have a lemony-cucumber taste almost like a pickle.I intend to make pickles out of them. I hope they perserve well we got close to 20 plants