Monday, May 28, 2012

garden update

It's been hot....really hot. But the garden seems to love it. There's been some fun new last minute additions to the garden....

Our local grocery store had blueberry bushes on sale so we picked up four. I think 2 were called Misty and 2 sunshine. They all have ripe blueberries on them and the small handful I've gotten have been pretty good.

My Great Great Grandma Florence gave me a bag of some old seeds she had. She is 97 and though she doesnt garden anymore, for a woman nearing 100 she's pretty energetic. I truly believe I got my garden gene from her. All of the seeds I planted germinated which was a nice surprise I planted....
Christmas Limas.

Hyacinth. Now these were most curious. They were in a bag labeled simply "Thomas Jefferson. DO NOT EAT". And with further research I learned they were hyacinth seeds from Monticello. And with even more research I learned that if cooked/picked properly and at the right time they were in fact edible. I'm really excited to see what comes of these.
Last but not least, Butternut squash.

It's nice to have a bit of the garden I played in as a child, in the garden I'm growing as an adult.

Now for a photo heavy tour of the garden (dont mind the weeds or bug eaten gardening is not pretty)

Strawberry popcorn, Mammoth grey sunflowers

Easter egg radishes (we've gotten about 20 so far)

Tomatoes. They've all got flowers but so far no fruit.

Ping Tung/ Rosa Bianca Eggplants. Something has been munching heavily on them.

Purple podded/ kentucky blue pole beans and christmas Limas

Delikatesse cucumbers and mexican sour gherkins

To give you an idea how miniature the mexican gherkins are, here is one growing right beside a Delikatesse cucumber and they're both the same age.



summer squash, some were planted last minute or to replace bad germination spots so theyre all at different stages.


Mici Hybrid cucumbers, which are LOADED with tiny cukes. (I was hesitant about these, you know hybrid and all but we stuck a few of these in the ground last year and they were the best tasting...I chalk it up to being of an asian variety. These were all the left over seeds so next year I'll get an heirloom asian help me feel less guilty.

Winter Squash, spaghetti and butternut on the trellis and jack-o-lantern in the back. they'll get pulled into the yard.

Sweet Peppers

Giant Cape Gooseberries

And that's that.
What wasnt photographed was the herb bed which is doing loverly. And the carrots which are not doing so loverly. I think it's the heat and my inability to keep them constantly moist. But I'm hoping to get maybe 30 carrots and with what I planted, that's not so good. Though I'll assume slow/bad germination and blame it on the seeds.....

How's your garden a'growin'?

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