Friday, June 8, 2012

Flowering photo heavy garden update

        The garden is doing wonderful and finally starting to put out food. Everythng is flowering and a new surprise is discovered everyday out there it seems. So far I've harvested 3 cucumbers which were devoured almost the second they were hastily pulled from the vine, and 1 zephyr squash which was harvested the day I got my new kitchen was 2oz. exactly. I've also harvested about a pound of lemon basil. I bought lemon basil this year to kind of venture out of the herb "norm" and the moment the little seedlings popped up I knew I had made a good choice. I use it in EVERYTHING; tea, chicken, fish, fruit leather. To me it smells and tastes like Lemon Heads and Fruity Pebbles. And grows like this....
                                     I've learned 4 plants is definitely not enough for my needs.

So now for the photos...

All the eggplants are flowering. Hopefully soon We'll be seeing some signs of fruit.

Tiny little zuke begging to be sauteed in butter

Beautiful Zephyr Flower

This zephyr plant had like 8 little zephyr Squash.

The cape gooseberries are flowering and when the little yellow flower falls off it turns into this...
Though I've never grown Cape Gooseberries before I assume that inside this little lantern a berry is forming

potato flowers

Sweet potatoes are looking good.

Mici Hybrid just waiting to be sliced into a salad.

Deliatesse Cucumber flower

Every single tomato plant is loaded with the wait begins...

I'm curious about this funky little siamese tomato.

welp that's that...

How's your garden growing?


  1. You grow the coolest vegetables! I've never even heard of half of them. Now lemon basil-yum! That one sounds so good! I was just talking to an extension agent local about people growing their own foods and weighing it all for a contest and here you popped up. Perfect time I'd say. I hope it is a contest that will catch on in my local community. Sounds like you have a jump start.

    I'm always happy to meet another Tennessee blogger!

    1. Thanks! I think it's so cool to know exactly how much food is coming out of the garden.
      And I'm constantly on the hunt for new and unusual fruit and veggies to grow.

      And I love connecting with Tennessee garden bloggers or at least gardeners in the same zone.