Friday, June 22, 2012

Monster squash

We finally had some rain last night, which resulted in what I like to think of as Monster Garden. You know where you find the garden about 2 times larger than you left it yesterday. Squash that I was sure would be fine left on the vine one more day became ridiculously huge. Here's what came out of the garden today......
3.7lbs of Zephyr.

To give you an idea of how big the they are.

3lbs. of Zucchini

Another example of the Monster Zuke size.

4lbs. of Straightneck

This is a 1.5 lb. straightneck....

2lbs Mici Cucumber

Even the Cucumbers were monster. Luckily this variety of cucumber is still really good, even Monsterishly Large.

Welp, I'm off to make some chocolate Zucchini Cake.

Any Monster Veggies coming out of your garden?


  1. No monsters yet ;-) but you surely do have a great variety of squash, and the bumpy Mici Cuke is very interesting.

    Can't seem to find what your zone is on your site and would appreciate knowing. You are way ahead of my garden here in Nova Scotia, Canada.

    1. I'm zone 7a.
      And the Mici Cuke was an impulse buy from our local home improvement store from last year,(it's from Ferry Morse) and they have turned out to be one of my favorite cucumbers. They have a wonderful unsweetened watermelon taste to them and they are so Prolific I have 7 plants and I pick 4-5 cukes from them almost daily(all about a foot long). I've been wanting to find an open pollinated version but I just dont feel theyll be as good. It seems I'm gonna have to keep buying these.

    2. They sound wonderful..unsweetened watermelon taste...lovely.

      You are a zone warmer..thanks for letting me know. We are having great weather now and just starting to get cucumbers. So pleased.