Monday, June 18, 2012

The Weekend's harvests

What's up with conjuned fruit in the garden?
There's this bizarre straightneck plus 2 Zephyrs are starting to come in like this and there's 2 tomatoes growing together. Strange.

But mutant or not any garden bounty is good garden bounty.
The garden is finally starting to get productive. There's a good mess of pole beans forming and all of the cukes are fruiting, though only the Micis are mature. The tomatoes are getting big and should be ripening up soon. The pepper plants are loaded and I picked the first one (not quite ripe, but early picking will help it produce more). This is a Red Belgian. It's my first time growing these, so we'll see how it goes. I've been itching for some sweet pepper.A few days on the counter and this little guy should be ready.
Now for the rest of the garden goods....

Having been deprived of summer squash and cucumber all winter is sure is nice to have them back!

How's your garden harvests?

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  1. I ended up with one little ole yellow squash yesterday. There will be plenty more but that is all that was ready. And it was tasty!