Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Homemade Journal (great gift)

I used homemade paper for my journal and when I make my next batch of paper I'll post a how-to.

But you can use anything; printer paper, construction paper, or all that blank paper that collects in the back of sketch books.

To start you need to decide the size of the journal and how many pages it will hold.
The journal above is 5 1/2 X 71/2 and 18 pages
Next we make the cover. I just painted 2 pages of sketch paper, but you can use scrap book paper or newspaper. Anything so long as it is significantly larger than your cover pages.

Now using the cover page as a template; cut the paper that is to cover it 1/2 inch larger and cut off the corners so that it will easily wrap around the page.
Then using spray adhesive, spray both the page and the cover and allow to dry. Once dry rub together and fold sprayed flaps down.
Next score only the front cover by cutting it half way through 1 inch away from the top.

And then mark three centered holes for stringing it all together. Use this cover as a template for putting the holes in the other sheets of paper.
You can use a hole punch but the pages might be alittle thick for that assuming you have used thick paper. I used a metal scribe, or this tool:

Next, string a tapestry needle with whatever you choose to bind the journal with. I used three strands of thin hemp.

Make sure that what your using is long. Longer than you think you'll need assuming you want a clasp. I'd say about 30 inches.

Tie a hoop knot , and thread the string from front to back through the middle hole. Then from back to front through the left hole (dont pull to tight!) and then across the journal front to back through the right hole and pull through the loop that has formed on the back and tie off. If you want to make a clasp, dont cut the string at this point.

Now to make a button clasp. Wrap the string from the back from bottom to top twice around the journal and mark on the string where you would want the button to be.

Slide the button to that point and secure. Then at the end of the string make a hoop knot ( make sure it is the right length to reach the clasp. Cut off the excess and there you go!

Your very own journal!

I will be giving out quite a few of these for Christmas this year!

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