Friday, August 19, 2011

Not a bad friday in the garden

It's been real hot with not much rain which means crooked cukes and little broccoli but beautiful okra that I swear are growing inches over night. Tomatoes are finally starting to ripen! in a couple of days I'll have a german queen ready for eatin' and the little yellow pear tomatoes are producing a handful a day! There's a watermelon about a week away from being ready and the pumkins are turning orange!

And hooray! it's kudzu season! the forest of it below my house is just bursting with blooms! you know what that means... kudzu jam! which I will be making a big batch tonight so probably sometime tomorrow I will be posting photos and a how to so you can get in on that action!


  1. I didn't realize there was any good that came out of Kudzu......usually all I hear are the bad points.
    The harvest looks great. Can't believe your pumpkins are turning already. I'm wondering if mine are going to make it in time...

  2. Kudzu jam? Really? I cannot wait to hear/see about this! Your pumpkins are beautiful - what a great harvest.