Sunday, August 7, 2011

I've found the straight 8s

              So I checked the garden I'd say around 9 or 10 this morning, that's when I found the curvy cukes. So later on in the day, around 5, I waltzed my way back down, to check on the okra and tomatoes and just in general look at the garden. And there they were....

 Laying right there. How could I not have seen them? These are obviously the straight 8s. Now if only I could remember what the curvy cukes were....

The 2 big ones are a little bigger than I'd perfer but they'll pickle up nice enough. How I blindly tromped through the garden not seeing these bad boys I'll never know.

A couple of weeks ago we found this biggin' in the garden.
As you can see he was longer than a paper towel roll. I had found, the day before, the one above him. And was shocked and then the next day found the big one, only inches away. It's crazy how they hide from ya.

Can ya tell I've got cucumber fever?

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